What are 5 key factors to consider when identifying the right California Warehouse for your freight requirements?

What are 5 key factors to consider when identifying the right California Warehouse for your freight requirements?

Need to store freight or distribute products in a dependable California warehousing facility? How do you know if the facility is suitable for your needs? Here's a list of 5 key factors you should consider when identifying the right California warehouse for your supply chain requirements.

Size of facility: If you require space to store products like beverages, wood, metal, chemical or heavyweight food products such as large sacks or totes of commodities, raw materials- then you need to search for a facility that has ample square footage along with the ability to store and handle your goods. Not just for the short-term, but the long-term! Search for a California warehouse & distribution center that has the right capacity and storage terms to fit your requirements for various industries

Proximity: Consider the vicinity of the warehousing facility to the major California ports - this helps streamline the entire shipping process, which, in turn, will benefit your customers. This strategy also keeps transportation costs down, whether you're transporting your goods from a manufacturing location or importing goods from the ports Less travel time, less damage, more profitability.

Flexibility: Do you need to distribute your goods locally? Do you need B2B and B2C fulfillment or transloading/cross-docking services? Searching for a warehousing & distribution center in California that has the assets, expertise, and flexibility to execute multiple transportation & logistics services is highly recommended! Why outsource your supply chain requirements to several companies when you can work with one resource, one dedicated account manager, and one company? Most warehousing companies only specialize in storing freight, so research companies that can tackle additional services to meet your deadlines like harbor drayage, local LTL trucking, or importing ocean cargo/freight

Goods-in processes: You might encounter strict deadlines to ensure products get delivered to your customers on-time, and damage-free. Neglecting this crucial process can cause a lot of pressure on your brand reputation. Research a California warehouse facility that has a dedicated account manager and a talented warehousing staff with years of expertise in lot controls, and pick/pack procedures to help streamline or overcome any possible ambiguities throughout the warehousing & distribution process. You shouldn't have to talk to multiple sources if you have questions about your goods, so make sure you are dealing with one subject matter expert when it comes to warehousing & distribution services for your general or customized requirements.


Storage requirements: Do you need to store overweight/heavyweight commodities? Do you need to store organic or food-grade products? Do you want real-time inventory and visibility into the entire storage and distribution process? Search for a California warehousing company with updated and automated technology that can handle and manage these types of storage requirements. For example, identifying a warehousing facility in the overweight corridor with drayage assets for heavyweight freight (transloading/crossdocking) will be beneficial to help control your goods efficiently and effectively

Dependable Supply Chain Services is a full-service logistics provider. Services include trucking (LTL/FTL), warehousing & distribution, harbor drayage, 3PL (third-party logistics), air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, and freight transport to and from Hawaii & Guam. Established in 1950 with a single bobtail truck, we now have five unique integrated divisions that manage each of these services customized specifically for your logistics requirements. These complementary divisions work together to create a seamless total supply chain solution: 

Selecting a Drayage Provider in California

Selecting a Drayage Provider in California

When selecting a drayage services provider in California for your requirements, you need to search for asset-based intermodal trucking companies who are port-centric and who have extensive experience in multiple-hub cargo moves and intermodal transportation. Key benefits to be mindful of when researching providers online should also include identifying (Nothern/Southern California) facilities close to major ports that are customs bonded, and fully insured with the options of having dedicated account representatives to assist with handling your standard/complex requirements. 


These key components when selecting the right drayage services provider are essential for your company to save costs and to help ensure peace of mind that your freight is handled professionally from beginning to end. Shipping and transporting freight is not always a straight line when it comes to your supply chain requirements- you need experts to help manage and customize solutions based on your needs. Here is a list of other service benefits you should consider when selecting the right drayage services provider:


Transloading: search for an over-the-road ("OTR") transloading provider that has years of experience in transporting and shipping goods internationally from one inland point to another. This service can also help you avoid equipment storage and/or demurrage charges. 


Cross-docking: search for a provider that has local warehousing and distribution facilities close to all major ports that also specializes in logistics procedures where products from a supplier or manufacturing plant are distributed directly to a customer or retail chain.


Intermodal transportation: search for a company that owns equipment including trucks, trailers, and chassis that also has experience in complicated container moves utilizing rail, ship, and intermodal trucking. Finding a provider that specializes in domestic rail service to all major railyards is an added benefit as well.


Dependable's asset-based harbor and intermodal transportation division handle all nationwide drayage moves for containers coming from or going to West Coast seaports. In addition to container drayage, we specialize in complex multiple-hub cargo moves through multimodal transportation strategies with complete warehousing and distribution services via our warehousing division.


Learn more about DHE's Harbor Drayage/Intermodal services today!




Intermodal freight transport is responsible for a considerable amount of the goods you buy, eat, and wear every day. Drayage is an essential process in the transport chain, allowing goods to move from one freight system to the next safely and quickly at a relatively low cost. For instance, if goods come into the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, and are scheduled to leave town on the backs of dozens of trucks, who facilitates the goods from the port to the warehouse? We do, and that's what drayage is all about. The name comes from the old days when goods were transported on sideless carts pulled by dray horses!

Intermodal freight transport is the transportation of goods in an intermodal container, commonly known as a shipping container. You know those big metal boxes you see piled on the backs of ships and hooked onto the backs of trains? Those are intermodal freight containers. They allow large amounts of goods to be shipped across long distances as efficiently as possible.

By working together, trucking companies, intermodal marketing companies, ocean steamship lines and railroads are providing a cost-effective, reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way to move freight from origin to destination. Throughout the process, intermodal facilitators, or third-party logistics providers, arrange for each method of the move from pick up to drop off.

For companies importing products into the port of Los Angeles or Long Beach, a facility near these ports such as DHE’s Harbor Drayage division can be the solution Shippers who are looking for an overall reduction in their supply chain costs search facilities close to the port. This provides even more of an advantage to shippers. Some claim that it can take hours to turn containers at the Ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach, but according to the president of Pier Pass, in-terminal turn times averages less than an hour to deliver your products from the ports. Regardless of the day or time, the drayage dispatchers are available to fulfill your delivery requirements through experienced personnel and use of the latest transportation software to ensure accurate and verifiable tracking and tracing of your freight from the inception of delivery orders to your final destination.

Harbor Drayage

Harbor Drayage

Drayage is the time-honored tradition of transporting goods from the port to its respective destinations. If you are in the import and export business, you need Dependable Harbor Drayage to ship your goods from the California Ports to a distribution area and deliver these goods to their respective destination fast. You need a strategic partner in Transportation & Logistics that can provide drayage services expertise in import and export container drayage - managing your goods to and from the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland Ports promptly with extensive experience in cargo handling who also has updated equipment to handle large/heavyweight shipments.

In the business of harbor drayage, the key element is location. A dependable drayage service provides not just efficient transport of your shipments from the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland but cost effective drayage solutions through facilities near the overweight corridor. This process provides you the advantage of fast access to inventory shipment and less travel time from the California Ports to your distribution area - more goods can be delivered to your destination point. A harbor drayage service provider with facilities in the overweight corridor cuts down the cost of shipping as fees are based on containers, not by weight. Having a partner with local facilities in the overweight corridor helps in the efficient distribution of your goods and cuts down on overall shipment costs.

You need a logistics partner that complies with current EPA standards. The Environmental Protection Agency studied the pollutants in and around ports pointing to the direction trucks and equipment including tractors. The upsurge in globalized trading, increasing import and export shipments pose an environmental threat, decreasing air quality in the area. Transportation and logistics enterprises are mandated to comply with these requirements or risk discontinuing operations. A harbor drayage service must be EPA compliant to ensure continuous operations and that your shipment is delivered and distributed on time. You need a drayage service partner that is way ahead of the environmental curve to give you efficient service.

Partner with Dependable Harbor Drayage services for your import and export requirements. Dependable Harbor Drayage provides overweight corridor facilities for easy inventory access and timely distribution at a competitive cost. Visit their website now and discover your shipment, drayage, and warehousing options: