What are 3 key factors to consider when selecting a California Warehouse?

What are 3 key factors to consider when selecting a California Warehouse? 


When selecting a California warehouse company, you should consider 3 key factors: port-centric facilities, "complete" service capabilities and a single "point of contact" for communication. You need a company with subject matter experts within the warehousing & distribution industry who can assist with implementing the right services and solutions to optimize your supply chain and increase your profitability. 


1. Port centric facilities: it makes business sense to have your goods handled and transported close to the major ports in California. Find a company whose warehousing facilities are geographically positioned within minutes of the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland Ports to ensure that your goods are handled efficiently without the hassle of lengthy travel times. This warehousing benefit is also significant when it comes to handling organic/food grade products and goods. 


2.  Complete services: find a company who can also provide comprehensive services including dray, warehousing, and local delivery services to save you time, money, and headaches! We've heard the term "one-stop" shops in the transportation industry, and there is a reason for that. Selecting one company with years of experience in complete transportation & logistics services can help you manage your entire supply chain more strategically without the issues of vetting multiple companies. For example, finding "one" company who can handle import/export shipping, container drayage delivery, transloading and cross-docking, and local LTL deliveries can only help improve your bottom line and manage your freight efficiently while making important deadlines.


3. Single point of contact: the transportation and storage of your goods are extremely important, wouldn't it be easier and more effective to speak to one "point of contact" versus many other contacts within a company? Time is money, and communicating with one source at a company is crucial when it comes to managing various goods during storage, inventory control, packaging, deliveries, etc. Find a company whose communication process is streamlined, and whose experts are dedicated account managers rather than button pushers and message takers. You will have more peace of mind knowing that your single point of contact is dedicated to helping you effectively manage and store your goods! 


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