What are key factors to consider when choosing a distribution center in Northern California?

What are key factors to consider when choosing a distribution center in Northern California?

The costs to do business in the Bay Area can be very expensive.  Selecting the right warehousing & distribution center in Northern California is essential to improving your bottom line and optimizing your supply chain. But what factors do you need to consider to execute a successful game plan for storing/distributing your products?

According to an article written by Siu, Antoinette (2017, Jan 25). Port of Oakland begins massive warehouse construction to boost capacity, jobs. San Francisco Business Times. Retrieved from In 2016, the Oakland port handled some 2.7 million 20-foot containers with all kinds of imported and exported goods.  

If you're importing/exporting, storing or distributing goods, here are some key factors to consider when choosing reliable warehousing and distribution centers in the San Leandro / San Francisco area.

Distance from the port- The distance of the port to the warehousing & distribution facility is crucial for freight offloading — the closer the facility, the lower the transportation costs. According to Wikipedia, The Port of Oakland is now the fifth busiest container port in the United States, behind Long Beach, Los Angeles, Newark, and Savannah. Search for warehousing facilities strategically located minutes away from the Port of Oakland and Oakland airport!

Flexibility- you need a distribution center that can handle various types of products that also offers unique services, including crossdocking/transloading, inventory tracking, kitting, etc. Searching for a company that provides a blend of services and features will help save you money and give you more solutions to meet your business goals.

Dedicated Account Experts- many companies offer promotions with storing your products; whether it be online ads, mailers, flyers, etc. But do they have the experts to help manage your products and provide the right solutions based on your supply chain requirements? Research companies that have dedicated account managers that have years of expertise in warehousing and distribution. Having dedicated account managers give you peace of mind and transparency throughout the entire process. After all, this is your precious freight!

Dependable's San Leandro 250k sq. foot warehouse is located in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, and conveniently located close to the port and airport of Oakland. Contact our experts today and see how we can meet your warehousing and distribution needs:

Factors to Consider when Choosing Distribution

Factors to Consider when Choosing Distribution

What are three key benefits to consider when choosing the right warehousing company in Los Angeles?

There are many warehousing & distribution companies to choose from when it comes to storing your freight, but which company is the right fit for your needs? Here are three key benefits to consider when choosing the right warehousing company for your supply chain requirements in Los Angeles.

  1. Square footage- the distribution center has to have the capacity to handle small to large/overweight items in a variety of industries, including organic food products, consumer packaged goods to industrial (raw materials), and light chemical commodities.
  2. Port centric- the warehousing & distribution center in Los Angeles should be close, in fact, minutes away from the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Search for a warehouse whose facility is strategically located by the ports to help reduce handling times and meet crucial deadlines. 
  3. Full-service B2B and B2C fulfillment- find a warehousing & distribution center in Los Angeles that does more than store goods, for example, retail fulfillment, date coding and lot controls. Storing, tracking and managing your goods is essential to help improve your bottom line. You need dedicated account managers who understand the complexities of your business to help customize a solution based on your short or long-term needs.

Dependable's largest warehouse facility is 1.5M sq. ft. and located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, in addition to over 500k sq. ft. in three facilities strategically positioned in the overweight corridor in the city of Carson, minutes away from Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports. Learn more today: