What are 5 key factors to consider when identifying the right California Warehouse for your freight requirements?

Need to store freight or distribute products in a dependable California warehousing facility? How do you know if the facility is suitable for your needs? Here's a list of 5 key factors you should consider when identifying the right California warehouse for your supply chain requirements.

Size of facility: If you require space to store products like beverages, wood, metal, chemical or heavyweight food products such as large sacks or totes of commodities, raw materials- then you need to search for a facility that has ample square footage along with the ability to store and handle your goods. Not just for the short-term, but the long-term! Search for a California warehouse & distribution center that has the right capacity and storage terms to fit your requirements for various industries

Proximity: Consider the vicinity of the warehousing facility to the major California ports - this helps streamline the entire shipping process, which, in turn, will benefit your customers. This strategy also keeps transportation costs down, whether you're transporting your goods from a manufacturing location or importing goods from the ports http://www.godependable.com/Services/DHE-Harbor-Drayage. Less travel time, less damage, more profitability.

Flexibility: Do you need to distribute your goods locally? Do you need B2B and B2C fulfillment or transloading/cross-docking services? Searching for a warehousing & distribution center in California that has the assets, expertise, and flexibility to execute multiple transportation & logistics services is highly recommended! Why outsource your supply chain requirements to several companies when you can work with one resource, one dedicated account manager, and one company? Most warehousing companies only specialize in storing freight, so research companies that can tackle additional services to meet your deadlines like harbor drayage
http://www.godependable.com/Services/DHE-Harbor-Drayage, local LTL trucking http://www.godependable.com/Services/DHE-Less-Than-Truckload-LTL, or importing ocean cargo/freight https://www.dgxglobal.com/oceanfreight.aspx

Goods-in processes: You might encounter strict deadlines to ensure products get delivered to your customers on-time, and damage-free. Neglecting this crucial process can cause a lot of pressure on your brand reputation. Research a California warehouse facility that has a dedicated account manager and a talented warehousing staff with years of expertise in lot controls, and pick/pack procedures to help streamline or overcome any possible ambiguities throughout the warehousing & distribution process. You shouldn't have to talk to multiple sources if you have questions about your goods, so make sure you are dealing with one subject matter expert when it comes to warehousing & distribution services for your general or customized requirements.


Storage requirements: Do you need to store overweight/heavyweight commodities? Do you need to store organic or food-grade products? Do you want real-time inventory and visibility into the entire storage and distribution process? Search for a California warehousing company with updated and automated technology that can handle and manage these types of storage requirements. For example, identifying a warehousing facility in the overweight corridor with drayage assets for heavyweight freight (transloading/crossdocking) will be beneficial to help control your goods efficiently and effectively http://www.godependable.com/Services/DHE-Harbor-Drayage

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