Credit Application (Online)




Payment Terms

(Please read and sign below)

The undersigned (“Customer”) agrees that all services secured by Customer for any subsidiary or affiliated entities from Dependable Highway Express, Inc. (“DHE”) or any other members of the Dependable Group of Transportation Companies (called “THE DEPENDABLE COMPANIES”), DLS (Dependable Logistics Solutions), DDC (Dependable Distribution Centers), DHX (Dependable Hawaiian Express), DGX (Dependable Global Express) are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All amounts due for space and/or services purchased from DHE are payable to DHE within DHE’s Standard Terms of Net 30 Days, calculated from the invoice date. However, DHE may, at its sole discretion, change Customer’s credit terms, require payment in secured funds before servicing, and/or require anticipated payment for any and all amounts due, or to become due. Customer acknowledges that amounts due DHE are not payable in installments, but are payable in full as stated

  2. All amounts due DHE are payable in accordance with the payments terms granted by DHE’s Credit Department. Credit is extended for periods of 14 calendar days with payment not to extend past 30 days from the date of the invoice.

      a. If any amount/s due DHE are not paid in accordance with the payment terms, a service charge may be added to the sums due. This charge shall equal the amount obtained by multiplying the delinquent balance of each invoice by 1.5%, per month.

      b. Discounted rates are not applicable on any invoice that’s age is greater than 45 days from the date of billing. Accordingly, Customer understands that all discounts will be removed on such delinquent invoices and that the full amount, or “street rate”, will then apply.

      c. No one, other than a representative of DHE’s Credit Department or member of DHE Senior Leadership (i.e. President, CFO, Controller, etc.), may make payment agreements on terms, invoices, or balances due DHE. Instead, all disputes must be directed to the appropriate DHE Credit associate for resolution prior to the invoice’s due date.

  3. DHE reserves the right to inactivate any account which becomes delinquent. Delinquent amounts must be paid in full and Customer must agree to adhere to payment terms on all future business prior to DHE resuming service to Customer.

  4. In the event Customer’s account is turned over to an attorney or other agency for collection/resolution, all amounts will be grossed up as described in Sections 2.a and 2.b and Customer shall pay all reasonable agency fees, attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by DHE. DHE reserves the right to choice of venue.

  5. Quotes are not meant to be construed as guaranteed totals for services. Customer understands that, depending on conditions and/or situations occurring at time of actual delivery, additional charges may be added onto the final billing for rendered services. Customer acknowledges having read DHE’s published Tariff and agrees to its terms for such assessorial charges.

  6. Customer shall notify DHE by certified mail to 2555 E. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023, Attn. Credit Manager, of any change of ownership or physical location.

  7. In the event a negotiable instrument is furnished by Customer to DHE that is later deemed to have insufficient funding, Customer agrees to reimburse DHE for all charges DHE incurs (i.e. NSF fees, credit card disputed transaction fees, etc.) in an amount not to exceed that value charged to DHE.

  8. Customer warrants to DHE that all financial information furnished for the purpose of obtaining credit is true, correct and complete in all material aspects and Customer authorizes DHE to investigate all references furnished pertaining to the credit and financial responsibility of Customer. Customer also agrees that DHE may obtain financial information from any lending institution, trade creditor, and/or credit reporting firms, at any time, on Customer and on any principals or owners of Customer. Further, Customer understands that DHE may be required to provide information to these sources in order to obtain necessary information that will allow for continuing credit availability.

Personal Guarantee

In consideration for credit extended, the undersigned contracts and guarantees to the faithful payment, when due, of all accounts of this Customer for 5 years from the date of this application. The undersigned expressly waives all notice of acceptance of this guarantee, notice of extension of credit, presentment of demand for payment and any notice of default by the company seeking credit and all other notices to which the guarantor might be entitled. Revocation of the guarantee shall be in writing and delivered by certified mail.