The Dependable Companies - Company Overview

Company Overview

The Dependable Companies is a total supply chain provider, offering trucking, warehousing, distribution, 3PL (third-party logistics), airfreight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, and freight transport to and from Hawaii and Guam.  Established in 1950 with a single bobtail truck, today wehave five unique integrated divisions that each handles a specific aspect of freight movement. These unique but complementary divisions work together to create a seamless total supply chain solution.  
Our divisions and the specific transportation areas they handle:
- DDC – Dependable Distribution Centers (warehousing and distribution)
- DHE – Dependable Highway Express (LTL and FTL transportation)
- DLS – Dependable Logistics Solutions (3PL / third party logistic and supply chain consulting)
- DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express (transportation to and from the Hawaiian Islands)
- DGX – Dependable Global Express (international ocean freight forwarder and N.V.O.C.C.)

Executive Management

Ron Massman, CEO 

Ron Massman CEO  As The Dependable Companies CEO, Ron's responsibility is to ensure the steady growth and profitability of The Dependable Companies, while achieving the highest level of service to its customers. Ron earned his B.S. with a specialty in Transportation from UCLA after which he joined his father at Dependable Trucking, then a local delivery service with eight trucks. He worked his way through the sales, operations, and administrative departments, and within four years, took over as President. Under Ron's direction, Dependable acquired 30 companies and expanded operations both domestically and internationally, establishing The Dependable Companies as the full-service logistics provider it is today.

Bob Massman, Vice President

Bob Massman Vice President  Robert (Bob) M. Massman is Vice President of The Dependable Companies with over four decades of experience.  Beginning as a dockworker at age 18, he moved on to driving a truck, then becoming a dispatcher, and finally an account executive, prior to making the transition to Vice President.  This experiential background provides him with the unique and rare expertise that comes from understanding the transportation business from the ground up. As former President of the CTA, Bob is involved in political advocacy for The Dependable Companies as well as the entire trucking industry in CA, and keeps up with changing industry regulations that affect our business. He also frequently travels to all our terminals in order to address driver concerns. In addition, Bob is very involved in the CTA (California Trucking Association).

Michael Dougan, C.F.O.

Michael Dougan CFO The Dependable Companies

As The Dependable Companies, CFO, Mike is responsible for finance, real estate, Mike is responsible for finance and corporate administration such as insurance, human resources and IT. Mike received his BS in Accounting and Finance from Kansas State University and upon graduation worked for a “Big 8” Public Accounting Firm and then in an operational/financial position with a Fortune 500 Public Company.  Mike joined Dependable in 1989 first as Controller then became CFO for Dependable in 1993.  Mike has assisted Dependable to develop sophisticated systems to meet requirements in an ever more complex transportation environment.

Joe Finney, C.O.O.

Joe Finney COO
Joe joined The Dependable Team as Chief Operating Officer in March of 2013. He brings over 30 years of industry experience, starting with Milne Truck Lines as a dockworker and P&D driver while attending ASU, then moving into management and staying with Milne until they closed. Through the years, Joe has held almost every position in the industry in both union and non-union environments up and including CEO of Bullet Freight. He has years of experience in various asset-based verticals including LTL, TL, bulk, cold chain, and 5 years in the non-asset brokerage and logistics.  Joe’s unique experience from the ground up, as well as having successful executive experience in both asset and non-asset based transportation business models allows him to apply knowledge to help guide The Dependable Companies future growth.

Facts about The Dependable Companies

Founded: 1950

Number of Employees: Approximately 1600+


Harry Massman founded Dependable Trucking Company in 1950 with a single bobtail truck.  Due to our continued focus on improvement growth and service to our customers, our company has grown rapidly over the years.  We remain committed to our unwavering mission in growing our customer based supply chain services throughout the globe.

Mission Statement

The Company’s mission is to continue to earn a reputation for integrity, service and diversity, that is unmatched in our industry, i.e. 'The Dependable Difference'. In order to achieve these lofty objectives, we must hire and retain only the most qualified and dedicated individuals who share the company's vision.  Our status as a diversified, premier total logistics provider is dependent upon our ability to provide only the highest level of service to our customers, maintain a necessary profit margin, and to recognize opportunities and react to changing market conditions well ahead of our competition.

Corporate Headquarters

The Dependable Companies
2555 East Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90023
(800) 548-8608
(323) 526-2222
(323) 526-2252 fax
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